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The Numerous Drawbacks of Self-Packing During a Move

Packing for a move is a difficult task that often feels like it requires a herculean effort. As many embark on the journey of transitioning to a new home, the decision to pack their belongings themselves, also known as DIY packing, may seem like the most cost-effective choice.

While DIY packing certainly has its merits, there are significant disadvantages that should not be underestimated. As a provider of relocation services, we will share with you the drawbacks of DIY packing to help you make an informed decision for your upcoming move.

  • Physical Demands
    Packing for a move is physically demanding work. Lifting heavy boxes, bending, and kneeling can take a toll on your body. This can be especially challenging for individuals with physical limitations or health concerns.
  • Time-Consuming
    One of the most significant downsides of DIY packing is the sheer amount of time it consumes. The process of sorting, wrapping, and boxing up your belongings can stretch over days or even weeks.
  • Risk of Damage
    DIY packing comes with an increased risk of damage to your possessions during transit. Without the proper packing techniques, fragile items are particularly vulnerable. Even if you’re careful, you may not have the expertise of professional local movers to fully protect your assets.

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