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Tips to Properly Pack Mirrors for Moving

Packing and unpacking is a tedious process and it is critical in ensuring the safety of your valuable items. It is the key to a successful move. One of the hardest to pack is mirrors. This is because, with just a little bit of force or pressure, they can break.

As a provider of local or out of state moving, allow us to share our expert tips on how to properly pack your mirrors to ensure they don’t break during your move. Follow these steps:

  • Lay the mirror flat.
    If possible, you can lay it on a kitchen table, countertop, or other elevated flat surfaces as it will be easier to pack. But if your mirror is too big, clear some space on the floor. Make sure the mirror is facing up.
  • Tape the glass part of the mirror.
    This can reduce the risk of breakage as it helps strengthen the glass. Start from the corner and create a large X using tape. Then, tape a grid across the mirror’s entire face. If your mirror is oval or round, use your judgment where you think your mirror may bend.
  • Put protectors on the corner of your mirror.
    You may use cardboard or foam. Similarly, you may use cardboard to create a protective shield on the whole mirror before putting it inside the box. Tape them properly to your mirror.

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