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Helpful Tips to Properly Pack Fragile Items


As one of the leading local movers, we have packed many fragile items throughout our years in business. So, allow us to share our expert tips on how you can do it properly to avoid damaging or breaking your fragile items.

  • Consider hiring professional movers. Aside from saving you all the hassle of packing so many things, they can also ensure that your valuables are packed properly and securely. So, you will have peace of mind knowing that your fragile items will arrive in perfect condition.
  • Find a box that is not flimsy and the right size. The lesser extra space, the better. You also need to fill in the extra space with clothes, crumpled paper, bubble wrap, or padding. Your box needs to be thick and sturdy.
  • The box must be secured with tape, especially the bottom part to help support the box. You should also layer the bottom with styrofoam, packing paper, or towels for cushion.
  • If you are packing glasses and stemware, use cardboard dividers to avoid each glass from colliding with the others and to keep them from shifting. If you are packing glass with hollow spaces inside, fill them in with packing paper.
  • Each individual piece or item must be properly packed based on its material, shape, and size, no matter how small.

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