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Your Guide To Moving Into a New Warehouse

Moving your warehouse is a monumental task but with the right planning, it’s much easier than you think. One of the most important things to prepare is a moving checklist. A checklist will get you through every stage of the moving process and will ensure your business will be up and running in no time.

As professional movers, we have prepared a list of what to prepare for your upcoming move:

  • Organize inventory and equipment.
    Organize the inventory and warehouse equipment that you plan to move to the new warehouse. Local movers can pack and unpack the equipment and inventory for you to make it easier. Just make sure to mark anything fragile, so they can take the necessary precautions.
  • Arrange essential contacts.
    Before hiring relocation services, make sure they have a list of the necessary phone numbers in case they need to contact someone from your business. Provide your employees and workers with a list of emergency numbers as well, so they can reach certain departments or individuals without having to search for the right numbers.
  • Create employee work schedules.
    Create work schedules for the duration of the move, so each employee understands their duties. You may need employees to keep the business running while others will need to help with the move and set up the new location.
  • Book a moving company.
    Find a reliable moving company and book their services in advance. Research movers, compare rates, and book the best one for your planned move.

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