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How to Safely Pack Your Computer for Moving

When you are relocating soon, one of the most important items to pack is your computer. Whether you are packing it to move with you in your vehicle or pre-packing it for a local mover to deliver, there are important steps you need to take to properly pack fragile items. Taking the necessary precautions will ensure it arrives in the same condition you packed it.

As a business specializing in out of state moving services, we will share tips on how to safely pack your computer for moving:

  • Use the right packing materials.
    To make packing and unpacking easier, use the appropriate packing materials. Use the original box that comes with your computer or look for boxes that match the size of each part and pack them separately. Dish-pack boxes are a good option as they are sturdy and designed to protect fragile objects. You will also need packing peanuts, tape, and anti-static bubble wrap.
  • Label and organize computer cords.
    Take time to organize your computer accessories before packing. Put labels and color-coordinate each cord to make the reconnection process easier. You can also take photos of your computer set-up before you disconnect to help you remember the correct assembly order later.
  • Pack the items according to type.
    Before hiring long distance movers in California, pack your computer parts according to type. Pack the monitor and PC tower in different boxes and pack the computer accessories separately. Place all loose PC components inside a separate box and fill in empty space with soft packing paper.

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